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Brad Fillatre’s new video ‘Cry Baby Cry’ from his album ‘Strangers’. Directed by Andrew Hamilton.


Brad Fillatre hails from the town of Corner Brook, located on the west coast of Newfoundland. The significance of this part of the island on Brad’s musical development was monumental, “The environment is magical and foreboding.” Fillatre reflects, “I’ve always drawn on it for inspiration.”

When Brad first relocated to Toronto, he admits it was quite the culture shock. Driven by his pursuit to carve out a career in music, however, he quickly adapted to life in the city. This meant hitting the ground running by finding like-minded musicians to play, write, record and perform with. This eventually led to Brad being signed as a solo artist to Sparks Music/Universal Music Canada.

In 2012, Brad released the EP, For Your Weakness. It quickly built buzz for its candid songwriting and the raw emotional delivery – characteristics Fillatre has now become known for. Spectral vocal reverberations layered against swooping electric guitar. Thumping percussive displays echo alongside the subtleties of Fillatre’s unique vocal tone. 

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For Your Weakness has been hailed as a “heartfelt yet heartbreakingly beautiful” compilation. To Brad, it’s more than a few songs of love, loss and struggle, it’s a piece of himself he hopes will resonate with those willing to listen.

Songs from Brad’s debut EP went on to be placed on several internationally syndicated MTV shows. This connected his music with fans from all over the globe. Through the comments on YouTube videos and message boards Brad could see firsthand the impression his music had, one of impact.

Fillatre’s sophomore effort, Strangers was released in August 2016. Later that year he toured both Newfoundland and Ontario as a support act to multiple award-winning Newfoundland folk trio The Once.

Brad now calls Los Angeles, California home. He is currently working on songs for his third album, with an anticipated release some time in 2018.

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